"Suzi Noel has been a tremendous help for my son. Over the past few years, she has worked with him through a speech therapy program and has succeeded in getting him to talk.

He loves Ms Suzi and is very comfortable with her. She makes him work hard but in a very positive way. She always goes above and beyond. "

  • Physical Therapy

    Pediatric Physical Therapy benefits children in developing improved gross motor skills and fine motor skills in order to improve their function in everyday activities.

      • Difficulty with gross motor skills
      • Musculoskeletal issues
      • Orthopedic issues
      • Neuromuscular conditions
      • Gross motor developmental strategies
      • Coordination and balance training
      • Adaptive equipment assessment and training

  • Occupational Therapy

    Pediatric Occupational Therapy benefits children who have delay in fine gross motor skills, sensory processing skills and self-care skills.

      • Difficulty with coloring, cutting with scissors, etc.
      • Difficulty with academic tasks
      • Unable to use utensils to eat
      • Trouble dressing self
      • Reacts negatively to stimuli in the environment
      • May only eat certain textures of foods
      • Seeks out excessive sensory stimuli
      • Decreased attention and direction following

  • Speech Therapy

    Pediatric Speech Therapy benefits children who are not talking, not talking in complete sentences, are hard to understand, appear to stutter or have rough/hoarse voices.

      • Unclear articulation
      • Does not speak in complete sentences
      • Uses “baby talk”
      • Does not follow simple directions
      • Does not know colors, numbers, etc.
      • Has a rough hoarse/voice
      • Seems to be stuttering
      • Has a hearing impairment

  • Getting Started

    The First Steps to a Better Life for Your Child and Your Family

      1. Contact our office at (859) 426-5666 to schedule an appointment and provide us with your insurance information.

      2. Contact your child’s primary care physician and ask them to fax a prescription to our office at (859) 426-5665. This allows us to effectively communicate with your child’s physician.

      3. Contact your insurance company to make sure your plan offers benefits for the service you are seeking.

      4. Print off all the forms, fill them out at your convenience and bring them to your appointment. Get Forms